Ranthambhore Regency – Safari Tariff

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Ranthambhore Regency – Safari Tariff

Hotel Ranthambhore Regency offers exceptional jungle safari’s to guests with the option of fabulous local guides who are experts in spotting the hard to pin down tiger and other native beasts. For these noteworthy safaris, the rates are mentioned as under:


The national park is open for visitors from the 1st October to the 30th June every year. There are two safaris a day from October to June, one starting in the morning and the other late in the afternoon. Generally speaking, the morning safari starts half an hour after sunrise and the evening safari finishes half an hour before sunset. As a result, the timings change slightly every 2 months or so. Each safari is for a duration of three to three and half hours.

Safari Tariff from 1st October 2017 to 30th June 2018


Indian Nationals




INR.1400 per passenger

INR 2600 per passenger

GST – 5% TAX


INR 1000 per passenger

INR 2000 per passenger

GST –  5% TAX

(Rates are subject to change as per Govt. policy or levy of any additional taxes etc.)


There are 10 different zones for tourists inside the tiger reserve, numbered from 1 to 10. At the time of entry, each vehicle is allotted a zone and it not allowed to stray from their allotted zone. Within the zone the vehicles can go anywhere on the network of tracks that exists in the zone. Within Zone 1 to 5 and 6 to 10, you can request for a change of Zone and you will be charged a sum of Indian Rupees 1,000. It is up to the authorities to accept your request for change of zone or not.


Special Safaris – Half-day and Full-day safaris

The normal / routinely wildlife safari that visitors get to do in Ranthambhor are for three and half hours in the mornings and afternoons. Visitors get to enter the reserve half an hour after sunrise in the morning for three and a half hours or enter in the afternoon and leave the reserve, after spending three and a half hours, half an hour before sunset. The areas of the reserve that visitors are permitted to visit are divided into ten zones. In these safari visitors are allotted a zone that they can choose at the time of booking the safari in advance and during the safari they are not permitted to go outside the allotted zone.
Recently the Reserve management has changed these rules to allow a special safari to a select few number of vehicles that permits visitors to stay on safari for six or twelve hours. These are known as “Half Day” (for six hours) and “Full Day” (for twelve hours) safaris. Both these safaris are more expensive than the regular safari but they offer far more flexibility to the visitor. The advantage that these two special safaris have over the regular safaris are as follows:
1. More time in the reserve – During the half-day safari one gets to spend 6 hours in the reserve, from sunrise to noon or from noon to sunset, while in the full-day safari one can spend 12 hours in the reserve, from sunrise to sunset. In the standard safari one only gets to spend three and a half hours in the reserve.
2. Flexibility of zones – During the half-day and the full-day safari visitors are not allotted a particular zone that they have to stay in. They can go to any zone that they choose and can even go from one zone to another as many times as they want. Though they do have to stay within the part of the reserve that is open to tourism.
3. Roster free vehicles - The park management through a “roster system” of the vehicles, allots, the safari vehicle in the standard safari.  In other words, visitors cannot choose the vehicle or the driver that they want to use, unless they pay an extra fee. During the half-day and full-day safaris, visitors can choose the vehicle and the driver that they want to use.

The above three advantages that these special safaris offer makes these special safaris far more flexible and productive. Visitors get to spend much more time with wildlife, while they are not constrained by a fixed zone and they can choose the best drivers and vehicles. In real terms this makes a huge difference to the quality of the safari specially for photographers and for visitors with special and specific interests.

To get these full day and half day Safari rates please drop us email regency@ranthambhor.com

Notes –

  • A maximum of 15 gypsy’s and 20 canters are permitted to go inside the park at any time.
  • There is a huge demand for vehicles and in particular, guests wishing to explore the park peacefully prefer gypsy’s over canters. To hire a gypsy exclusively, guests have to book and pay for 6 persons.
  • Thus, booking the vehicles well in advance is advisable (especially during peak season – October to March).
  • Full names of all guests expected to take the safari are required by us, along with their valid Identity Proof to book the safari.
  • Guests must also mention time and day of safari for easy reservation.
  • Foreign nationals are expected to provide their passport numbers. This is the only ID proof acceptable for them.
  • The rules for ID proof for Indian nationals are less stringent as we can work with either their passport numbers or any of the following – Voters ID, Driving License number, PAN Card Number, School/College ID, Government ID or Employers ID.
  • A copy of the selected ID proof is to be submitted compulsorily before any safari. Therefore, guests are requested to carry multiple copies of the same.
  • The rates mentioned above (for gypsy’s and canters) are on individual basis.
  • At the time of booking the jeeps, guests have to pay the entire entry fee to the forest department (a government body).
  • In case of cancellations, no refund can be obtained from the forest department.
  • No fees are charged for still cameras but those carrying video cameras have to pay a fee of INR 900 per video camera per visit.
  • The above rates are mentioned per safari (there are a total of two safari’s per day).

Safari rates are fixed by the Government of Rajasthan and are subject to change without prior notice.