Excursions in and around Ranthambhore

Primarily known for its National Park and Tiger Reserve, Ranthambore is an enchanting town in Rajasthan that has a lot to offer to the quintessential wanderer. With a number of exciting excursions to choose from there is a lot more you can do if you are looking for a break from tiger spotting. We offer to you a number of day trips that help satiate your need to explore local history, culture and nature. If you are looking for some authentic retail therapy, we can also help you plan a memorable trip to some of the bustling local markets that sell a variety of souvenirs and handicraft items unique to this part of the country. Spend your time walking through the ruins of 10th century forts, look up to the heavens and spot some of the exotic birds that make Ranthambore their home a few months every year, or explore a modern marvel in the form of the Mansarovar Dam. We at Ranthambore Regency are able to plan the perfect excursions for you and your family.

1334 square kilometers