Ranthambhore Fort – A History Lesson amidst Breathtaking Wilderness

  • Ranthambhore fort 32 pillared cenotaph

Ranthambhore Fort – A History Lesson amidst Breathtaking Wilderness

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Minimum Person: 2

Having witnessed Rajasthan’s evolution for over 10 centuries, Ranthambhore Fort still stands tall, resilient as before, paying homage to valiant Rajput warriors who ruled it in different eras. Nuzzled within the boundaries of the National Park, it’s Ranthambhore Fort that led to the nomenclature of the entire district. Surprisingly though, its own name was ‘Ranastambha’ when it was founded in 944AD, by the Nagil Jats. The first ruler of Ranthambhore – Raja Sajraj Veer Singh Nagil commanded an army of 20,000 from here, and made the region invincible. However, near the beginning of the 1300’s it was captured by Mewar’s Rana Hamir Singh, but passed hands to the Hada Rajput’s of Bundi. Later, it was ruled by Sultan Bahadur Shah and Emperor Akbar, each of who left their imprint. Finally Ranthambhore Fort saw India gain Independence in 1947 while being governed by Jaipur’s Kachwaha Maharaja’s.

Visibly intact, the fort tells enchanting tales of the Maharaja’s of Jaipur who hunted for game in the surrounding reserve. Few scattered ruins add a mystical touch to this erstwhile royal abode, offering perfect backdrops for worldwide photography enthusiasts who wish to capture the magnificence of this sanctuary. Arriving at the fortresses foothills, you’ll see a seemingly endless set of stone steps awaiting conquest. While trekking up the architectural marvel, its inhabitant’s – the langur monkeys join you in your quest to discover of its historical customs and traditions. At the pinnacle of the fort, 700 feet above the surrounding meadows, lies a spectacular reward – mesmerising views of the expansive tiger reserve. While walking through the forts interiors you’ll stumble upon as many as eleven fabulous Hindu and Jain temples that are revered by devotees from across the country. The most renowned of the lot – the Ganesha temple attracts thousands of pilgrims year after year.

Information about the excursion

  • Distance from Ranthambhore Regency – 12 Km
  • Ideal Visit Time – Summers: early morning, Winters: mid afternoon
  • Duration – 2.5 hours (can be fast tracked to 1.5 hours or taken at ease)

By Jeep 

01 Per person                       -           1500/- Rs PP    + 750.00 Rs for Guide

02 Per person                       -           750/- – Rs PP   + 750.00 Rs for Guide

03 Per person                       -           500/- Rs  PP     + 750.00 Rs for Guide

04 Per person                       -           375/- Rs PP      + 750.00 Rs for Guide

By canter 

06-15 person                         -           3000/- Rs + 750/- Rs for guide

Inclusions – Exclusive Jeep or Canter, Personal chauffer and experienced English speaking naturalist guide.